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Why Custom

Why Custom-made?

Sometimes, perceptions are not always right.

If you feel you are wearing a perfect fit shirt – It’s time to relook!



Unfit Collars

Every individual’s finger prints and iris are unique. And, the neck too. Hanging collars that are too tight or loose could spoil your professional image. Our custom-fit shirts have collars that fit your neck and boost your image far better!


Shoulder Width

Droopy shoulders could bring down your confidence level. Unfit shoulder seam results in hanging over your arm. We will ensure that the shoulder width is neither too long nor too short – it is custom made only for you!


Oldy Sleeves

Have you been able to extend your hand for firm handshake without your sleeves extending beyond your wrist? We ensure the perfect fit and right length sleeves exactly matches your wrist curve.


Unfit Chest Cloth

Often, the shirt will be too tight that it is a tough challenge to put your shirt buttons. Or, the cloth will be sagging under your armpits making feel like a grandpa. No worries! We ensure that the shirt is snugly and comfortable to wear!


Excessive Fabric

The excessive fabric causes fail to fit the contours of your body resulting in saggy and shabby look. We make sure that the shirt rightly fits and every inch of fabric implies perfection.


Mismatched Length

Many times, either the shirt is too long and tucking it out looks odd or too short and tucking in is a headache. No more! The shirt length is relevant and fulfills your preference.


Unfit Wrist Cuffs

The wrist cuffs are either too broad or too short and if you wear a blazer it doesn’t fit at all. We ensure that the wrist cuffs are perfect fit and let you move your hands freely without any discomfort.


What is wrong with Readymade and Tailored shirts?

Off the rack shirts are OFF in fit and not perfect in every measurement. Irrespective of whether it is from street brands or high-end labels it the same - Size L might fit at the waist but “droop” at the shoulders and be too lengthy for a person of medium height.

They are made for the masses NOT for you!

And, you will end up compromising on fit - getting into the “toothpaste squeeze” syndrome.

Local tailors cannot add much value in terms of material, color, weave, design and the finish as they lack the economy of scale and the network. Readymades can be altered but the originality is lost forever!

Imagine wearing an imperfect shirt - tight chest or drooping shoulders or flabby waists – for an all important event.


Where does this leave you?

Carolina Avenue is the answer.

We have the economy-of-scale, network as well as rich lineage and experience to provide you with best-in-class in everything – starting from a fabulous inventory.


Carolina Avenue Advantage

Designer fabrics are made of 100% premium Egyptian Giza cotton, finished in the best of European technology, further enhanced with easy-care formula.
Top of the line accessories - Wendler Fusing material from Germany, Mother of Pearl Buttons, Mobilon fusible tape for seam, Three Ply Sewing Threads from British Coats Viyella are used in our shirts to give you that rich look.
Personalized for your personality - choose from a wide range of Collar, Cuff, Pocket, Placket, Pleats and Monogram.
Skillfully stitched by our artisans using ultra modern machinery.
Our designers create unique Cut as well as Sew styles and individualized patterns that best fits you.

Carolina Avenue 100% premium Egyptian Giza cotton shirts let you outstand in a crowd, outsmart competition and achieve outright success in life!


Join our fraternity – You will not be disappointed!

All shirts from Carolina Avenue are made out of 100% Premium Egyptian Giza cotton.
Our shirt creations are TIMELESS but our design and craftsmanship are TIMELY. They are first spun into super fine yarns - 50s to 200s then woven into distinguishing fabrics and processed using state of the art Austrian mills.